Rent faster with automated outreach

Engage leads instantly with our AI bots through SMS the moment they express interest in a property. Our system transforms these interactions into structured data, enabling efficient lead prioritization.

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Why HouseForm Just Works

HouseForm offers essential, no-code yet robust features to build powerful Conversational AI tools tailored to your unique needs as a rental agent.

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Easy bot setup and customization

Creating a new HouseForm bot is simple: just specify the data to collect and any additional instructions. Set up takes under 30 seconds, with easy testing and tweaking options.

Seamless Integration with Your Website, Zillow, and other lead sources

HouseForm seamlessly integrates with all your lead sources, ensuring smooth communication across various platforms.

Structured, consistent & exportable lead data

While our AI interacts with and questions your leads, you get well-organized, processed data, which can be easily exported to your CRM.

Allows for direct human intervention

Our AI intelligently transfers leads to a human agent after gathering all essential data or when it encounters a query beyond its response capability.

What we are proud of

Although still in its early adoption phase in rental agencies, we're seeing promising signs indicating the longevity and impact of this technology.


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Increase in Engaged Leads


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Too good to be true? Try it out yourself

We have built a HouseForm bot that is trained to demonstrate the natural interaction of our AI solutions while also helping us learn more about you and how best to serve your needs. This demo is fully automated and autonomous.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you handle user consent and SMS regulation?

Why is HouseForm different from other automated texting platforms?

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